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Top 5 Skills And Tips To Become Rich In A very Short Time || Fact Feast.

Everybody wants to achieve success, so you are reading this article too. 

We do not get success only by working hard day and night to dream big dreams. 

Because you get success only when you have the necessary skills to do that work and when you do not have that fundamental skill, then you will never get that success in life. 

Therefore, if you have a history and want to show something big in this world, then you will have to learn some fundamental skills.

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#1. The Art Of Learning

Research by psychologists has told that no child or human being is born intelligent but in time, when that child develops his or her own intelligence, then he/she can become intelligent. 

Yes, it is true that the genetics of the parents comes in that child, but those characteristics also start showing their effect only if you have developed your intelligence to an extreme extent

As a child, Sir Isaac Newton was expelled by schoolmen saying that he is a retarded child and he keeps on quarreling with the rest of the children all the time, so he cannot teach such a mindless and retarded child in his school

After that, Sir Isaac Newton had to do farming even though he did not want to, but he himself started to believe that perhaps God has made him a retarded child, due to which he is stumbling rate by rate today.

But frustrated Newton was told by his mother that the law of nature does not work like this. 

The law of nature says that the development of your body will be done by the god himself, for that, you will not have to put any effort. 

But when it comes to the development of intelligence, God has entrusted us with the responsibility of its development

Therefore, intelligence does not develop on it's own. 

Your intellect will develop only when you take necessary action and take it towards development. 

If you do not do this, then you will remain an ignorant and foolish human throughout your life even if you do not want to. 

Now Newton's eyes opened on hearing this from his mother and with the help of his mother, he joined the school again and according to the law of nature, he began to develop his intellect every day for which he read books from complex to complex theory

He used to understand and develop his intellect by practicing and taking his intelligence to the extreme, as a result of which he showed the top in the same school that year and by becoming a scholar he also used to tease the teacher as well as the other students. She stopped speaking. 

But he did not stop here, he got admission to Trinity College with the help of his Art of Living and within a few years. 

He invented and showed many revolutionary things like Law of Gravity, Law of Motion, and Calculus, and this miracle happened

Because he developed his intelligence to the extreme extent by using the Law of Learning, that is why the whole world is considered to be the most intelligent human being today, a child called retarded in childhood. 

Even Albert Einstein used to put a photo of Sir Isaac Newton in his ward-room and consider him as his mentor, but if in his childhood Sir Isaac Newton would never have developed his intellect by not obeying his mother.

So even today, like a retarded person, he would spend his life working in a field without thinking, and he would never know the amazing ability hidden inside him. 

So in the same way if you have the ability to take the development of your intellect to the extreme by using The Law of Learning with precision, then you too will bend the world in your footsteps one day. 

And this is the reason that even today, successful people in all the mouths of the world read books daily and using the Law of Learning, they reach the pinnacle of success in their respective fields.

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#2. Attention Management.

Attention management, ie the skill of focusing your knowledge in one place. 

Actually, once upon a time, Swami Vivekananda Ji was going on an excursion trip to the country, and during this tour, where he got new books now. 

He liked to read them from there, once he got him a The library was very much liked and he stayed there for a few days. 

He started asking for a book from the library every day. 

But Vivekananda's meditation power was so powerful that he used to read the entire book in one day and return it to the library the other day, now every day. 

He used to ask for new books every day and he would return them the next day. The tax librarian got upset. 

He has already asked that if you take so many new books just to see, then do not bother so much, I will show you all those books in the library every day, not just picking up new books and leaving the next day itself It is not a good thing to return it. 

Swami's servants said, Oh no, no, I do not take my books to see, but our Swami Ji reads this book in full, and only after studying I come to return it. 

Now the librarian found this to be false so the next day Swami Vivekananda himself came to return the book and Swami Ji humbly said to the librarian, sir, don't be surprised. 

I have read all the books you have given me and I have to take all those books Remember Having said this, Swami Ji, returning the book.

Narrated the important chapters of the book to the librarian. 

Hearing this, he was completely shocked and fell at the feet of Swami Ji

And started asking the secret of this miracle, Swami Ji said that when you get so immersed in something that you do not know what is happening around you, then you achieve that peak of your attention

You can store anything permanently in your memory because to learn anything, it is necessary to focus full attention over time. 

Just as a painter would never make an adorable picture without knowledge, in the same way, you can never achieve the success of a genius-level without meditation.

Therefore, a person who cannot control his attention can never control the presentations of this world

That's why most people never achieve an extreme level of success in their life.

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#3. Public Speaking, Talking, And Communication.

Regarding this, Warren Buffet says that no matter how good and a life-changing idea you have. 

If you do not know how to present it in front of people properly, then people will reject your true things as wrong. 

Therefore, it is very important that you can present your idea in front of people in such a great way. 

That is why Warren Buffet engaged all the communication works-off so that he could achieve mastery in communication and public speaking, and after achieving mastery in his communication skills.

Warren Buffet expanded his business drastically into the market. Since now he was able to present the strategy in front of the people in his ideas and image in the right way, which won the trust of the people in a few minutes and forced them to invest in their business. 

Steve Jobs also followed the same thing very closely. 

He used to practice many times before delivering his speech so that he could connect his audience's emotion to a deep level with his product and it was due to the remarkable skill that he made every one of his events memorable. 

So that their products always make their deep special place in the hearts and minds of people.

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#4. Be Leadership Skill

Now here too, a leader means that a person who comes alone to take his leadership along with his colleagues and community to the pinnacle of success with the help of his exact principles, then such a person is called a successful leader

Now suppose that you have to go to America from Australia but you have only two options. 

One is that you can travel by air with Michel who has been flying an airplane for the last 10 years and the other option is that you can travel with your best friend. 

Tom who has just flown the plane in games to get people right Landed at the place, with whom would you like to travel by air? 

I am sure that if you are smart, I would like to travel with Michel because Tom maybe your best friend, but you will never travel with him because Tom has someone to fly an airplane. 

Also, there is no knowledge or skill, so it is 100% surety that in his leadership he will take you directly to heaven instead of America.

Whereas on On the other hand Michel who is an unknown person will still like to travel with him because you believe Michel will take you safely to America within his leadership

In the same way, when you too have the leadership skills to take your skills and experience along with your colleagues to take them to the pinnacle of success, unknown people around the world will also close their eyes and trust you. 

The exam is Ratan Tata, the late Nelson Mandela, and Steve Jobs, who have led their courage and other thousands of people to the pinnacle of success with their leadership skills

And if we look at the situation today, our country, as well as the whole world, needs millions of leaders who will grow the economy of our country and bring millions of unemployed people to the peak of success in this period. 

Therefore, if there is such skill in you, then this world will bow in your steps. 

But this will be possible only when you have the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise just like Michel and this is our fifth important skill 'Be The Expert In Your Field'. 

You can achieve tremendous success in your work only when inside you will have the ability to become an expert in your field

If you look at the relative phase now, you will find that even in this corona-like epidemic. 

The leaders who were experts in their own fields have sensibly saved their business and work in this corona crisis and then Has also found new ways to grow its business and work. 

But those who jumped into this market without skills and experiments had to face huge losses.

Hence the corporate world or your personal life. If you do not have the skills, knowledge, and expertise, then in bad circumstances you will suffer loss

But if you will have these five skills, then you will reach the peak of success easily even in the conditions of typhoons.

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