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11 Habits That Can Damage Your Brain In A Very Serious Level || 11 Habits To Avoid To Become Success In Life.

 Suppose that you took part in a race and you have every ability to win that race, but if you are also given a lame and weak horse in that race, will you ever win that race? not at all. 

So in the same way, in many of the research, a scientist has proved that no matter how strong our body is, but if our mind is not strong and powerful, then we will never be able to touch the heights of life. 

But if your mind will be strong and powerful, then you will achieve success in your life under any circumstances. 

Whose winning exam doctor Stephen Hawking, whose entire body was paralyzed at a young age. 

But still, because of his strong and powerful mind, he showed success by achieving the highs which a normal human could never imagine in his dream. Now the truth is that we all have the same powerful and strong mind, but we are unknowingly following some habits in our daily life that are slowly ending our mind power

Therefore, today we will tell you 11 such habits that are damaging your brain every day in a serious way.

# 1. Not Engaged In Stimulus Activity.

Actually, just like the rest of our body muscle, our brain is also a kind of muscle which if we do not get regular exercise, then it will gradually become weak, as the research of scientists suggests that if you stop reading books or learning new skills. 

If you give, then your critical thinking ability and logical thinking ability will gradually decrease over time and due to this, new neural connections in the brain will be made equal which will never allow your brain to grow in the opposite way. The damage will do. 

So if you are also making such a mistake, then you are unknowingly damaging your brain in a serious way every day.

#2. Information Overloading.

The second Habit that badly damages your brain is to overload the information. 

Today's era is known as the information world where access to information of anything is just at the distance of a finger tap. 

But according to the scientist, this boon is gradually becoming a curse for us, because the way the computer hangs when you open multiple tabs at once, just like if we also feed more information in our mind

If you continue to do this, then your decision-making power to deeply analyze new information slowly starts to decrease and your habit can also, cause your anxiety because there is a specific limit in your brain

If you continue to feed unnecessary information in it without giving necessary rest, then the same thing will damage your brainpower badly. 

If you are still not convinced, then after running the mobile for the whole day, end of the day, you should see yourself standing in front of the mirror and see yourself, the effect will be felt on its own.

# 3. Lack Of Sun Light.

This habit has become so common in the present day that people do not get out of their room or office for many days or for many hours and keep their mind and body always inside artificial light, due to which their body could not align with a natural rhythm. 

And that's why their mind does not work properly. Therefore, if you want to keep your brain and body healthy, then spend some time everyday in natural sunlight so that you get sunlight as per your need and your body and mind can work perfectly in alignment with nature.

 But if you do not do this and most of the time you are sitting in the darkroom, then this habit spoils the circadian rhythm of our body. 

At the same time, depression also increases sadness and laziness.

# 4. Loud Music

If we use music properly, it can give us benefits in thousands of ways, but if we listen to the same music with more than 30 minutes of loud and noisy headphones, then it will give our ears and internal brain tissue of our brain a lot. The only one can damage in a serious way. 

Even research in science suggests that a noisier environment can damage the DNA of our body, so scientists recommend listening to music at 55 percent volume. 

If you listen to music with headphones, then after every 30 minutes, you must take a break of two to three minutes so that the internal tissues of your brain and the hearing ability of the ears do not reach any serious damage and the processing power of your brain.

# 5. Sleeping Late At Night.

This bad habit is spreading in every age group along with the youth of the present day because when it is time to sleep, we are watching movies or working on social media, or by giving our precious time to random videos.

But let me tell you, Scientists call this Habit very dangerous because this Habit takes you out of your natural rhythm, like our body, is in a physical repel cycle between 10 and 2 o'clock at night. 

Then from two o'clock in the morning to 6 o'clock in the morning, both our mind and our nervous system are simultaneously in self-filling and the self-preparing mode which makes our overall mental health safe and stress-free. 

But if you start working out of your regular sleeping rhythm, then this healing process cannot be done properly and your body and mind have to face damage at a serious level

And if you sleep less than you need, then the cognitive thinking of your brain becomes very less and your brain is unable to process the new information and it will always feel tired and lost. So sleeping at the right time is very important.

# 6. Social Media Addiction.

You will be surprised to know this, but according to the research, social media damages our brain in the same way that the damage is caused by taking drugs and this is when Dr. Waller wood analyzes the human brain with an MRI scan

So he got a lot of activity in the brain of a social media addict. Much of this activity is due to the brain's dopamine receptor, which, like drug addiction, traps dopamine in the brain at extreme levels

And due to the overuse of this dopamine, the prefrontal cortex area of our brain starts to slow down which drastically reduces our intelligence and brainpower in actuals. 

So, if you are also caught in the illusion of such a dangerous habit, then leave it now, or else this habit will damage your brain at a very serious level.

# 7. Too Much Stressful Life

Actually, stress is of two ways: - Acute stress which is very good for our growth and performance. 

Because of this non-harmful stress, we are able to complete our goal within the stipulated time and keep our life on the right track. 

While there is another chronic stress is very dangerous for us because it produces a hormone called cortisol which brings many physical diseases like weight gain, cancer, heart disease, and hormonal balance. 

At the same time, it also brings with it mental problems such as memory loss, brain fog, overthinking, and Anxiety which eventually, badly damaging our brain

So keep yourself stress-free as much as you can, otherwise, the result can be very bad.

# 8. Overeating

Research by scientists suggest that when we do overeating, much of our brain gets used to digesting that food, due to which you are unable to use your brain fully in your work. 

At the same time, overeating increases the fat in your body which causes blockages in the blood flow in your body as if the blood flow in your brain cannot be done properly or very rarely. 

Starts working in a manner. Therefore Ayurveda also advises us that we should keep a gap of at least 6 hours during the duration of every meal.

 Which eventually helps in keeping our body and mind healthy and strong.

# 9. Smoking

Actually, cerebral cortex is the part of our brain that makes us intelligent by processing important thoughts. Which is ultimately very important for our personal growth. 

But with increasing age, this part of our brain gradually starts to weaken till old age. 

But in people who smoke, this process has been seen to spread quickly at a young age, due to which people who smoke also have an increased risk of getting Alzheimer's disease and similarly when this habit is premature Damages your brain and lungs in a very serious way. 

But if you quit smoking in time, then by slowing down this process, you can normalize your brain condition and save your brain and lungs from getting damaged.

# 10. Sedentary Lifestyle Effect On Brain

When a person does not do any kind of exercise at regular intervals and spends most of his time sitting, then it means that a person is living a sedentary lifestyle and according to research, who lives such a lifestyle. The lowest oxygen reaches. 

Due to which the blood circulation in their brain is very low and their brain gets tired of doing small tasks and now their strong brainpower starts slowly decreasing, due to which they become victims of laziness.

 And they are never able to complete their work in time. If you too have inadvertently become the victim of such a wrong habit, then it is can harm you.

# 11. Doing multitasking.

This bad Habit is found in all of us these days, but let me tell you that the research of Scientists say that our brain is not only designed for multi-tasking but we can only focus on one thing at a time. 

Therefore, for healthy brain development, it is very important to focus on one thing only. 

So whether it is about productivity or brain health. 

If you do one thing at a time only then you will be able to use your capacity to the maximum level or else you will damage your brain in a serious way.

Bonus Tip.

And now the last bonus is that if you eat more junk food and avoid foods with essential minerals and vitamins, then this thing damages your brain a lot. 

So if you want a healthy in the powerful brain, stay away from these 11 bad habits as much as you can.

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